Bleisure Travel: Business Trips with Fun Create a New Lifestyle & Opportunities

Thursday, 2018-01-18 - Business Travel


Bleisure Travel - Mix Business with Pleasure



Bleisure Travel is a new term describing a hot trend combining business with leisure for executive and corporate travel.


Travel Pulse cites a study by Expedia and Luth Research where compared to a business traveler, the Bleisure Traveler increases stays from two nights to six. That’s a significant increase that those in the travel industry should be aware of.



As mentioned in Travel Pulse, a popular website featuring news for the travel industry:


“The data also revealed that 43 percent of business trips in the U.S. are bleisure today with 70 percent of business travelers adding extra days to their trips at least once every two to three months."


For additional stats, see the Travel Pulse article here:  "The Rise of Bleisure Travelers."  https://www.travelpulse.com/news/business-travel/the-rise-of-bleisure-travelers.html


Combining work and travel is fast becoming a way for business people to relax while traveling for work. CNN discussed this growing Bleisure travel as a trend that “is emerging as a lifestyle rather than necessity."


In fact, Travel Apps and internet sites such as Yelp and Urbanspoon enable travelers to find restaurants in unfamiliar cities according to the CNN report. The ease of access to information for the business traveler opens up a great lifestyle.


No longer do business travelers fly to a city, then hotel and back without some fun along the way. This new trend is an interesting opportunity travel professionals should definitely take seriously.


Find out more in CNN's post: Bleisure travelers: A new tribe injects fun into business trips





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