Hiring Corporate and Luxury Ground Transportation Services

Thursday, 2019-12-05 - Ground Transportation


Hiring Corporate and Luxury Ground Transportation


Be knowledgeable when hiring Corporate and Luxury ground transportation services. There are industry standards in place for your safety and assurance.

Safety – Your chauffeur should be fully vetted and undergo extensive professional training, ensuring you are always in safe and capable hands. The vehicle must be fully maintained to manufacturer’s standards and undergo regular inspections as required by state and federal regulations. Proper documentation such as proper driver license endorsement, vehicle registration and insurance documentation should be readily accessible.

Security – Through your travel arrangements and profile, your chauffeur is privy to personal information that should be handled with the utmost discretion. Respectfully, your mobile phone, hotel stay, conversations within the vehicle and your whereabouts should remain confidential.

Service – Your time is important. Your Chauffeur should be prepared with projected routes and familiar with alternate roadways to avoid delays; as well as be properly trained and certified in defensive driving. Aside from impeccable driving skills and delivering you to your destination safely and on time, your Chauffeur should ensure your transportation experience is comfortable, enjoyable and effortless, which includes being courteous and attentive to all passengers by a friendly greeting, properly opening doors, offering assistance entering and exiting the vehicle as well as luggage handling.





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