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Sunday, 2018-02-18 - Private Jet Service


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Using air charter for a more private, unique travel experience is becoming quite trendy in the luxury travel market. Accessibility through technology has allowed the average traveler the privilege to indulge into luxurious air travel! Air charter partnerships with luxury travel businesses who are invested in giving their clients the ultimate experience and the use of mobile apps have been helping to bridging this gap.



Last year, CEO Magazine released an article detailing why and how this typically exclusive luxury is increasingly accessible and convenient for the average traveler.



“For those who prefer to lock in their travel plans well in advance, there are now many luxury travel companies offering private jet flights in their itineraries.”



Vitesse Worldwide happens to be one of the few luxury travel companies who participate in booking private charters to give that unique travel experience all around.



While technology has made way for this new trend, group sharing has also had major influence on the easy lifestyle change. CEO Magazine also mentioned this in their article. Recently, Forbes magazine also mentioned group sharing briefly along with other factors about private air charter in their article 17 Trends Changing Private Jet Travel.



“Those on a tighter budget or shorter on time, such as travelers from overseas, can opt for shopping and styling weekends around the country, or mystery poker nights...”



For more on the many things affecting how you may fly uniquely, visit both articles on CEO Magazine and Forbes.

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