We would like to express our gratitude for your patronage and standing by Vitesse Worldwide during these unprecedented times. We have recognized the need to pivot and offer a wider range of services that give you flexibility and control for all your upcoming travel needs.

Vitesse Worldwide is changing with you! In July, when commercial flights were not available to Bermuda, Vitesse pivoted during the Pandemic to offer non-stop weekly service to residents beginning with a partnership with the Coral Beach Club in Bermuda.

This exclusive seamless service from New York’s Westchester Airport to Bermuda wasso successful that it quickly spread as an offering to clients on a per seat basis. Families uniting residents and guests escaping the confines of COVID from the US cities. Business travelers to and from Bermuda were grateful for Vitesse’s accommodating service and spread the word across the island. The United States Consulate showcased on their Facebook page the option to travel with Vitesse and made it available for all Bermudan and U.S. residents to travel via private aircraft. 

Vitesse operated this weekly service to and from Bermuda during the season and continues to offer direct private charters or shared flights based on individual seats. Now that commercial service has commenced to the island, clients are still choosing to fly private with Vitesse for the following reasons:

  • Excellence in customer care - Vitesse offers a highly dedicated professional team that meets and exceeds client expectation using a 360 approach for your travel experience.  
  • Value - luxury personalized experience above and beyond traveling vs. airlines’ first-class cabin.
  • Vitesse can custom tailor an aircraft option just for your needs when & how you want it.
  • The ease of the experience -  passengers can arrive at the terminal just 30 minutes before departure. At the time of booking, Vitesse handles all immigration, COVID testing and paperwork from the comfort of your home.
  • No hassle of going through big terminal TSA. 
  • Safety - More space between passengers, strict sanitizing before every flight, CDC protocol guidelines are followed on every flight. Less touchpoints flying on     private vs. commercial aircraft

We’ve heard from many of you who are still interested to fly with us between New York and Bermuda. Based on your feedback, we are proposing several arranged flights which may take place end of October, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. If interested, please let us know so we can compile alist of dates and number of seats to begin securing an aircraft.

This is why Vitesse is your destination above and beyond.